Tools to Grow your Business

  • Could you grow your business if you had access to unlimited working capital?
  • Are you afraid to grow your business because you don’t have enough working capital?
  • Do you avoid bidding larger projects because you don’t have enough working capital?
  • Have you exhausted your financing options?

  • We have the experience of working with Prime and Sub-Contractors on financial solutions for their Federal, State, and Municipal Government projects. Gov. Contracts Mobilization Funding / Gov. Contract Invoices Factoring.

    Financing options for companies that lack the funds needed to fulfill customer orders.

    If your company is struggling to make payroll and needs extra funds, we can help!


    B2B non-bank business loan. Expedited Funding in as little as 2 days with minimal paperwork and no traditional personal guarantee programs.

    Smart Business Card, Contact Manager, Productivity Tool and Marketing Phone App!
    Replace your paper business cards and brochures with a green vCard that is always with you, never runs out, and is always up-to-date with your latest information!


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